Seminar - Roof Technology Science II (August 16 & 17)

This is the second course of a two-part series covering, in detail, aspects of the technology and science of roofing.

Highlights of the program include: fundamentals of single-ply, polyurethane foam, and PMR roof systems; basic concepts and terminology of metal roofing; steep roof design and installation of asphalt shingles, tiles, wood shakes, and shingles; building codes; fire testing/ratings of roofing; a basic understanding of wind interaction upon roofing and typical wind ratings; principles of roof asset management, including roof inspections, maintenance, and nondestructive evaluations.

This course is designed to provide individuals of differing backgrounds with relevant information about roofing technology and design. The chapters vary in intensity, from basic roofing concepts to advanced specific-application principles and theory.

Educational Credits

16 Continuing Educational Hours (CEHs) from RCI.

16 Learning Units (LUs) from the American Institute of Architects.
Approved for Health Safety and Welfare credit.

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