Officers and Committees


Daniel Hauenstein, Synder Roofing

Daniel Hauenstein, Chapter President

Synder Roofing
Jordan Crump, True North Construction Management

Jordan Crump, Chapter Vice-President

True North Construction Management
Steve Silcock, Harper Winn, Inc.

Steve Silcock, Chapter Secretary

Harper Winn, Inc.
Darbi Krumpos, CDT, Trinity ERD

Darbi Krumpos, CDT, Chapter Treasurer

Trinity ERD
Brad Kaye, RRO, Roofing Technical Services

Brad Kaye, RRO, Chapter Professional Liaison

Roofing Technical Services
David Hill, Soprema

David Hill, Chapter Industry Liaison

Pravat Sripranaratanakul, RRO, RRC, Wetherholt and Associates

Pravat Sripranaratanakul, RRO, RRC, Immediate Past President

Wetherholt and Associates


Andre Coppin, RRO, RRC, Cornerstone Architectural Group

Andre Coppin, RRO, RRC, Education Committee Chair

Cornerstone Architectural Group
Will Williams, Edge 2 Edge Roofing Solutions & Duro-Last

Will Williams, Membership Committee

Edge 2 Edge Roofing Solutions & Duro-Last